Introducing Infinite DAO

2 min readNov 23, 2021


We’re happy to introduce ourself as the newest Decentralized Reserve Liquidity protocol on Avalanche. Our anon team is developing an OHM fork and we’ll be ready for launching late-November.

Here is the ignition phase, describe as below :

Our team will host a presale for whitelisted investors during the first phase.

A. Whitelist

There is 200 whitelist spots distributed as follows :

  • The first 25 investors to join the discord will be OG, which grant them a spot in the whitelist. They’ll also have decision making responsibilities for the future of Infinite DAO.
  • There is 150 available spots for investors who accumulate the most invitations.
  • The last 25 spots will be given for the most active investors in the server.

B. Presale (Tokenomics)

Token Name: Infinite Token
Token Ticker: $INF
Total pre-minted tokens: 7.000
Total Presale tokens: 5.000 (71%)
Total tokens for listing: 2.000 (29%)

Initial price of $INF token will be 10 MIM/INF for 500 unique addresses, with each address limited to 50 INF only. The presale event will last for 24 hours or less if sold out.

This will result in 100.000 $MIMs in total sales from the presale.

For preventing presale investors to dump their tokens, they’ll have the possibility to claim their tokens 12 hours after the listing .

The first 40.000 $MIMs will be used to provide liquidity on the MIM/INF pair, establishing the listing price at 20 MIMs per $INF.

40.000 $MIMs will be deposited to the treasury, backing the initial $INF supply.

The last 20.000 $MIMs will be used to support the Infinite DAO team.